Cheetah3D Header File Converter for iPhone

This page has the Cheetah3D to iPhone header file converter, used in the Apress book “Beginner iPhone Games Development”.

With this program you can convert exported Cheetah3D OpenGL .h files to an iPhone-compatible format. Please read the comments at the top of the program file for usage information. This program is free, licensed under GPL 3.

Cheetah3D to iPhone Header File Converter

Latest version: 2.0.1 (2009/06/04) (zipped)

Example project:

C3DConverterTest.tgz (tar-gzipped)

This project renders four different shapes generated in Cheetah3D. It’s pretty simple; a lot of the code is from the Xcode’s standard OpenGL ES project template. I’ve added lighting to show that the normals work properly.

Some notable files:

4 shapes.jas — the Cheetah3D project
4 shapes.h — the header file exported from Cheetah3D. You can run this through the converter yourself if you like.
4 shapes_iphone.h — the header file made by my converter
pure_colors.jpg — A simple texture. Replace this with your own for a different look.

If you use it, please send feedback. Thanks, and enjoy!